Our Commitment

Since opening our doors in 2005, our primary goal has been to utilize the ten years of H-D service training to produce the finest, most cutting edge and most innovative Harley Davidson parts possible. The choices and decisions we make in regards to our parts line is and has always been based on what is best for customers, our dealers and our brand not what is the most cost effective. Our business philosophy has remained the same for over a decade: “Cheap is sometimes good but good is never cheap.” MRI only uses the finest materials and has a rigorous quality control program that ensures you, our customer that you are buying, believing in and trusting the best. Unlike many brands that move on from trend to trend, for close to 20 years we have been here designing, repairing, fabricating and customizing Harley’s. It’s all we know. Our commitment to you is to keep on doing what exactly what we have been doing all along, going balls out and never quitting, to keep striving to give you not only a great product but a relationship with a company that cares.